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This listing is intended for sample orders for fabrics we have available on our website

We carry a huge selections of Upholstery, Drapery, Indoor, and outdoor fabrics.

Typical sample size is about 3 Inches by 6 Inches but depends on the item. The samples is best to see the color of an item and feel the hand, If a fabric has multiple colors let us know what colors you need to see. {By ordering a sample you ensure to see the actual color (Live color, not the color depicted on the computer monitor which may vary with each computer or handheld device), texture, and hand (feel, weight, etc...) of the fabric being presented before committing to a purchase.}

We always recommend samples so you are sure you like what you receive, If you are ever unsure sample is highly recommended

Don't hesitate to communicate with us by messaging or calling us if you have any questions, or concerns!

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