13 Oz Apollo Black Velour Velvet FR Fabric

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13 oz. Apollo Synthetic Velour, IFR

Black ( different screens may show different shades, Samples are highly recommended)

This beautiful 54" wide, light weight and virtually opaque synthetic velour (100% Trevira CS) has the look and feel of high-end velvets many times its price. It comes in vibrant saturated colors and has a soft hand for draping.

Color - Black

Material Composition 100% Polyester

Width 54 in 4.5 ft 137 cm

Construction Napped


Weight: .85 pounds per linear yard.

Synthetic Velour Draperies


The best way to store your draperies is to leave them hanging in the space where they are used, if this is
possible. This is especially helpful if the venue had moderate climate control, to prevent the drapes from
getting too dry or too humid

If your draperies need to be taken down from their hanging position to be stored, the best way to keep
them safe is to store them either in canvas hampersslightly expensive, but very easy to moveor in
canvas storage bags. It is extremely important that the hampers, or the bags, be of canvas or another
natural fiber, so that they can breath. This will help prevent any buildup of moisture and possible mildew

Any metal, such as grommets and ring lines, which contacts a FR treated fabric is likely to corrode while in
storage. Caution should be taken to tape metal parts to prevent contact.


The best piece of advice that can be given about folding drapes is: dont.

If that proves impractical, please keep the following thoughts in mind.

1. If you must fold your drapes vertically, do not fold them and then allow them to be subjected to
weight, including, if possible, their own weight. Folding them over a bar is a sure way to crush the
nap of the velour, and permanently mark your drapes. If they must be folded vertically, try to put
a support, such as a cardboard tube, at the point where they are folded. The larger the diameter
of the tube, the better.

2. If the drapes are to be stored in a hamper or a bag, try this to get them to a manageable size.

a. Lay the drape out flat on its back.

b. Start at the first seam in the drape; holding the seam at both the top and the bottom, pull
that seam over to the third seam. (On very tall drapes, you may need someone pulling in
the middle as well.)

c. Snug the drape so that the seams line up from top to bottom. On a drape with fullness,
this will cause the bottom to be wider than the top. Dont worry about that. You will now
have three widths of fabric lying on top of one another.

d. Hold the seam at the edge of this pile and pull it two seams beyond that; now you will
have five layers of fabric.

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