Sunbrella Fabric 101 - A Comprehensive Overview Of The Best Outdoor Performance Fabric On The Market



Since first being debuting in 1961 to now, sunbrella fabric has become a renowned asset for both indoor and especially outdoor living. Between its superior durability, mold resistance features, longevity, and keen ability to block out 98% of harsh UV rays, it stands to reason why sunbrella marine fabric is one of the most sought out resources to optimize outdoor spaces.


Sunbrella fabrics are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic. This means that fibers are saturated with UV-stabilized and color pigments through the fibers’ core before being spun into yarn. Thus, enabling the color to stay vibrant over time regardless of environmental factors.


All in all, there are countless different types of fabrics on the market, with Affordable Home Fabrics sunbrella being one of the leading ones for the last several decades. That said, if you are thinking about investing in sunbrella fabric and taking advantage of the many benefits that come with it, then below is a deep dive into the intricacies of this famed fabric to ensure your next steps will be nothing but seamless, dynamically beneficial, and of course, successful.


The Benefits of Sunbrella Fabric


There is certainly more than one reason why sunbrella fabric has become a staple for outdoor use. Whether that be cushions, upholstery, pillows etc., sunbrella marine fabric is known for its benefit versatility ranging from sustainable quality, vibrancy all the way to improved life quality.

  • UV Protection – Approved and awarded the Seal of Recommendation by The Skin Cancer Foundation, sunbrella fabric is respected for its ability to block 98% of UV rays – making it the most fundamental resource to optimize your safety while enjoying the outdoors. Keep in mind that the darker colored fabric you use, the more protection you gain.


  • Mold/Mildew Resistant – If you happen to live in an area that is damp all year round or tend to get dew in the mornings, then mold/mildew growth on your upholstered furniture might be a concern. If so, have the peace of mind knowing that sunbrella fabric is naturally mold and mildew-resistant. Overall, sunbrella fabric is water-repellant, meaning water will bead up and off the fabric rather than absorbing it and forming a prime environment for mold/mildew growth.


  • Fade-Resistant – When investing in outdoor fabric, you want something that will not just be safe and durable, but maintains its aesthetic appeal as well. This is why sunbrella marine fabric is a go-to source because it is fortified using 100% solution-dried acrylic, which extends the life of your fabric color even in extreme sunlight and weather.


  • Easy To Clean – Mistakes and messes happen, but the good news here is that sunbrella fabric is exceptionally easy to clean. For small messes, you can easily clean your sunbrella upholstered furniture with some dish soap and water. For tougher stains, sunbrella fabric can handle bleach along with other strong chemicals without hindering its durability or color quality. Click here to review the official sunbrella stain removal/cleaning chart.


Commonly Asked Questions


  • Where can I find sunbrella fabric in LA?


    • As a leading LA brand and central outlet for various fabrics, you can find a vast selection of quality sunbrella at Affordable Home Fabrics. Samples are also available so you can be 100% confident in your final decision(s). Don't feel like scanning the website? If so, feel free to drop by the Affordable Home Fabrics showroom located at: 305 E. 9th Street - Unit 110, Los Angeles, CA 90015.


  • Can I use awning/marine-grade Sunbrella fabric for outdoor patio cushions?


    • Yes, of course! Though awning-graded sunbrella will be a bit stiffer for DIYers to work with, you can still certainly use it for patio cushions.


  • How long does sunbrella marine fabric hold its vibrancy?


    • If properly maintained and cared for, you can expect your outdoor sunbrella fabric to stay vibrant for up to 10 years!


  • Can I steam sunbrella fabric?


    • No – avoid ironing your sunbrella fabric with a traditional steamer or with a traditional iron set to steam. If you see fabric wrinkles that you would like to remove safely, use an iron with a 'synthetic fabric' setting instead.


Summary – Make Your Next Project A Successful One With Affordable Home Fabrics


In summary, there is no denying that sunbrella fabric is a frequently adorned resource for those looking to accentuate their outdoor space. Couple that with the innate confidence that sunbrella marine fabric will remain vibrant for years regardless of extremes of Mother Nature, it has all equated to this robust material being timelessly favored. But it is also very important to remember that not all sunbrella fabric is created equal, so be sure to invest in yours under a brand that values high quality, performance, and your long-term success just as much as you do.


Established on the foundation of integrity, Affordable Home Fabrics is a longstanding outlet where you can discover a vast range of vetted, high-caliber fabrics that will help you attain the sustainable (and beautiful) results you deserve. In the end, if you are ready to upgrade your outdoor space, improve your safety from the sun, and do all while attaining unmatched color longevity, then sunbrella fabrics from a brand you can trust is the best way to ensure that fruitful outcome happens.


Ready to get started? Order your Affordable Home Fabrics sunbrella samples here!


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